Friday, October 9, 2009

Review: I Know Why The Angels Dance

I Know Why The Angels Dance
Written by Bryan Davis .

I have one thing to say to any of you that are wanting to pick up this novel:

Very powerful; you will cry, and you will never view life in the same way again.

Mr Davis does a wonderful job of telling a story of death but greater yet, life, from two families perspectives. This is a cleverly crafted story that crosses the line between the seen and the unseen, between death and life, between grief and hope.

It tells the tale of two families--one of faith and one with none--who both deal with unspeakable loss. Through deep darkness surrounding these trying times, the faith of a twelve year old girl reaches through the darkness. Her child-like innocence, genuine heart and bold faith in the unseen pierces this darkness, touching and changing many lives.

By the end of reading I Know Why The Angels Dance you will question how you view life. It will have you cherishing your family and all that you have. You will be grateful, and you will also experience genuine hope and faith from a child's eyes like never before.

Do you know why the angels dance?

I'm sure you noticed. . .

. . .that you are reading a new blog. Yes, I did create a new one due to the fact the other review one I was doing died and I wanted to combine concepts from my other blogs.

I now introduce to you From A Writer's Heart, my new blog that will list book reviews (Christian and secular), poems I've written, and just general things that inspire me and etc.

I hope you enjoy this blog in the coming months.

Have a blessed weekend,