Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A hurricane and a rainbow of a whirlwind

Hello everyone,

In light of the fact that 2010 is a mere four hours or less away in my time zone, I figured I'd pause and review the year of 2009 in my life.

My friend Mary Burklin came up with the note structure and I have modified it a little. I hope that you enjoy my look back at 2009.

The 9 Best [Or Most Memorable] Events of 2009 (in no order):
1. 2009 CleanPlace Moot
2. Modest is Hottest Fashion Show
3. Graduating highschool
4. Becca's visit in late June/Early July
5. Me visiting Becca in Northern Cali. My first time up in that area of CA, it was so pretty.
6. Going caving with Becca on both visits
7. Seeing the Hoover Dam.
8. Watching the meteor shower during Moot with Wolfo, Riv, Raen, Nia, Twinkie, Telpe, Becca, and whoever else I can't remember. :oops:
9. Watching my little sister grow into a young woman and get a purity ring and attend the father-daughter ball. Time goes by way too fast.

The 9 Favorite Albums of 2009:
1. Awake by Skillet
2. Confessions by Pillar
3. Innocence and Instinct by Red
4. Momento Mori by Flyleaf
5. Welcome to The Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch
6. Ocean Eyes by Owl City
7. Love and War by BarlowGirl
8. It Is Well by Kutless
9. Over and Underneath by Tenth Avenue North

The 9 Best Places I Visited in 2009:
1. Redding, CA
2. Shasta Caverns
3. Colorado Springs, CO
4. Denver, CO
5. Chipotle in Colorado Springs--blame you After-Mooters for this one.
6. Colossal Caves
7. Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ
8. The Fair
9. San Francisco

The 9 Best Things About School in 2009:
1. Learning new things
2. The ability to do it online=flexibility
3. :. . .
4. :. . . .
5. :. . . . .
6. :. . . . . .
7. :. . . . . . .
8. :. . . . . . . .
9. : . . no sleep? :P

9 Awesome People I Met for the First Time in 2009 (in no order) :
1. Jordan (Rivus)
2. Daeriel
3. Bree
4. Mr & Mrs Johnson
5. Mylla and her Mom
6. Celeris
7. Sara Ronhovde
8. RainbowPixels
9. Balto

The 9 Songs that were the Most Special to Me in 2009:
1. Awake and Alive by Skillet
2. Cassie (Acoustic) by Flyleaf
3. Sing Me A Love Song by BarlowGirl
4. Arise by Flyleaf
5. Never Surrender by Skillet
6. Hero by Skillet
7. Lion by Rebecca St James
8. Miss Invisible by Marie Digby
9. Shadows by Red

My 9 Personal Favorite Photos from events in 2009 [click for Full-sized]:
1. Moot 2009 with two of my close friendds, Becca and Kendra
2. Me and Mary, a very dear friend that I grew up with in Texas.
3. Me with Becca, Dae, and Mary.:
4. Me and my artist friend (and one of my Moot 2009 roomates) Legolas [Rachel].

5. Me visiting my "sister" Becca in Nov. Pic from Shasta Caverns.

6. Graduated! Ha!
7. Pic from the fair in April.

8. Me and my sisters minus Saige for the fashion show we did with Ignition Project and Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Modesty.

9. This picture was so perfect that it needed no caption. Me and Lissi.

9 Good Books I Read in 2009:
1. Hunger Games by Susan Collins
2. The Rook by Steven James
3. The Divine Dance by Shannon Kubiak
4. The Book of Honor by Ted Gup
5. A Time to Dance by Karen something :P
6. A Time to Embrace by Karen. I'm sorry I forgot her last name.
7. The Prophet (reread through) by Frank Peretti
8.Kiss by Ted DekKer
9. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga, Illustrated by John Layman

9 Miscellaneous Things I Learned in 2009:
1. Trust in God. He's the only thing that will keep your life sane.
2. Never take every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year for granted.
3. Even if you don't think anyone is watching your life, that's not true, someone is always looking up to you.
4. When someone glares at you, smile, it might make their day and change their attitude around.
5. Art is fun, and is a lot of what I do.
6. Never look for clothing hangers in the fridge. You wont find them.
7. Traveling is one of my passions.
8. My parents are awesome, even when we have differences.
9. Siblings are tough, but they'll always be there when you need them most. Not to mention that they're really protective. . .

I hope you enjoyed the above! Now, in honor of 2010, here's 10 things that are my goals in the next year.

10 Things To Do in 2010:
1. Finally get my drivers license.
2. Visit Tokyo, Japan
3. Travel to Texas again.
4. Attend Moot again this year.
5. Start my own writers group for writers in Tucson area.
6. Grow closer to my friends and God.
7. Sing more.
8. Take mom to Moot with me. :ninja: CP friends, I need your help with this. :P :6: *had an idea*
9. Draw much more.
10. Lose 50 pounds (not for looks, just healthwise).

I hope you guys--and gals--enjoyed reading my post. Have a happy and blessed New Years! And for those of my older friends. I know I don't really have to say it, but I'm going to say it anyways (you know my safety side):

If you're drinking tonight, please do not drive home. Have a designated driver.

Enjoy the New Years!