Monday, March 7, 2011



Latin; trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.

I'm a very action-oriented person who's joy is in serving others. I take initiative when the need calls for it and will do everything in my power to complete (or help) that need. When things get out of my control and I can't help anymore, I pretty much break down inside. Feelings of failure or laziness creep into me. Failure to my community, failure to my family, failure to my friends . . . the list goes on till I become so worried that I get physically sick.

Watching that video last Wednesday, my eyes were opened and I felt such a burden leave my chest. Yes, I give everything to God, but in all honesty, I am not fully trusting Him. So in reality, I wasn't really giving Him anything at all! Unconsciously I was showing my doubt in His ability and giving into the fear that was mercilessly eating away at my soul. How God repeatedly sees us not for what we are but who will we become goes so far beyond my mere human mind.

NOTE: I am not saying that idle motion is going to get rid of the situation. God calls us to have a servant's heart. Finding discernment between our will and God's should be our goal.

If we don't trust Him with one thing, are we honestly trusting Him with everything?

Blessings and much love,