Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Incarceron

by Catherine Fisher
Read End July/Beginning August 2011

“A prison like no other.
It gives life.
It deals death.
It watches all.”

That quote is so true in describing Incarceron. This book is one of the few that literally sent my mind in a spin. You haven't met 'trippy' till you've met Incarceron.

It took me for the ride of my life as I clung to each page. When I read, I see things like I'm actually there and boy, was this a wild ride. At times I could see it, but the descriptions the author gave us really felt, well. . . alive. The words didn't just come to life as if in other novels, but it literally felt like the novel was always moving. To me it felt like Incarceron, the novel, breathed—constantly weaving, moving, changing.

Fisher paints a living prison and a unique world for us to explore. My only complaint is that with Sapphique, I tried to figure out who he was the entire time, and often I felt like Fisher was leading us in circles, saying one thing, then throwing us a curve ball next. It made me frustrated after awhile and I talked with a friend who has read both Incarceron and its sequel, Sapphique. According to her we are supposed to feel that way and it makes sense later why Fisher did that—I'm glad to know it wasn't just me!

Some of my favorite quotes:

“All my years to this moment
All my roads to this wall.
All my words to this silence
All my pride to this fall.” -Songs of Sapphique

“I do this for freedom,” he said calmly. “In a world that offers none.”

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