Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: On Hitler's Mountain

On Hitler's Mountain
Imgard A. Hunt
Read July 2011

When you pick up On Hitler's Mountain, you are in for a vigorous treat! One that displays Nazi Germany from a Nazi child's perspective. Not only does this sound interesting, but it proves to be what I'd confidentially say is one of the best things I have ever read, especially on the subject. Hunt gives us an honest account.

Imgard talks about the gradual rise of Hitler, and the crashing fall of the nation of Germany after wards. She shows us how Hitler romanced the impoverished and struggling minds of Germany, feeding on their fears by promising new change. It is a vast display of how Hitler seduced a nation and played one of grandest-scale mind games in humankind's history. The way Hunt presents it is refreshing and I found myself clinging to each page. While it was a biography, I found myself as entranced as I would be with an exciting fiction piece.

One thing that I do think helped with her presentation is the brief inserts about the Holocaust. It wasn't as if she was trying to avoid them, but it makes sense not to have them brought up with this biography. She tells us about her interactions with Jews, and things she noticed or heard, but otherwise that aspect was kept to a minimal, which I think helps our book here.

Also, I loved that she included pictures every once in awhile—ones that actually fit and accented her story. Most of them were photos taken or possessed by her family.

I recommend this to anyone who finds this time era fascinating, or enjoys a vigorous read.

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