Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Vigilante

Robin Parrish
July 2011

Want a novel where you are clinging to the edge of your chair in the middle of the night—eyes wide and the clock reading two a.m? Do you want your reading experiences to be exciting again, where the scenes are so enthralling and fast paced that you just want to plug in and feel like you're part of the action? Want something that leaves you breathless? Read a Parrish novel; they do that to you.

Vigilante is no exception to that tradition.

Our story gives us a decorated war hero who returns and after unspeakable evils, decides to take on a broken society in a novel about hope. A novel about the corruption and ensnarement of men. What would you do if you decided to go up against the morality of humankind while the entire world watches?

Parrish delivers us a novel about death and life, hope and hate, peace and fear. We feel pain and embrace joy as we clutch our hearts till the very end. Powerful writing drives the novel, along with vivid scenes and a climax that is in every way worth the lost sleep.

Grab on, hold tight, and step into Vigilante.

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